Mar 122012

I was sitting around discussing ways to speed up modern RPG combat (and gaming in general) with online friends when we decided to devise this tongue in cheek set of tips. This led to a Google+ post, and my first ever crowd source, sarcasm based article.

Google + users crowd-sourcing a project

Tips for speeding up slow combat and game play in mini-based modern systems

  1. Play Palladium fantasy RPG.
  2. Give every character a rocket launcher and a reason to distrust the other players. Involve money by requiring a $5 buy in. Last survivor takes all.
  3. Initiative rolls for sessions that day are set by the order of arrival of the players to the game.
  4. Speed up the “pizza break” by giving bonus xp for the fastest eater.
  5. Don’t play GURPS.
  6. Use marionettes instead of minis and actually fight with them.
  7. Announce that your high level party will be facing the greatest threat ever devised against players. Spray their minis with catnip oil. Let your cat in.
  8. Three words: Platinum Bowie Knives
  9. On a Natural 20… TABLE FLIP!!! Fight over.
  10. Buy a six pack of every player’s favorite drink. Be liberal in handing them out. At the start of combat, announce that the bathroom(s) will be locked until this encounter is finished.
  11. Win a fight? Melt down an opponent’s mini. Last player with a mini wins.
  12. Utilize chess timers. The person with the fastest averaged combat round over the course of an encounter get’s to pick the next gaming night’s snacks.
  13. Anytime your spellcasters need to look up a spell effect after they announce they’re casting, dock them 100 XP.

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