Mar 092012

My modest little collection

Let’s face it. We love funny sides dice. We love regular dice. We love fancy dice. We love dice so cool looking they are difficult to read. And let’s face it: We need dice. Often the more the merrier and considering there could be much more expensive things to collect,  we can’t feel too guilty about it. They’re easy to store, last a long time, and are so much fun!

Now whether you’re a newbie, like myself, or just need to refresh your current ensemble, there are several things you’ve got to consider before plopping down monies for them. While it entirely possible to buy dice willy-nilly here are a few things to ask yourself before purchasing.

Holy crap so many dice: A dice named by the number of sides it owns. A D6 has 6 sides, a D20 has 20 (see how easy this is!). They have either pips (little dots) or numbers on the side. Sometime for specific games they have special symbols on the side. A basic set of D&D dice consists of a D4, D6, D8,  two D10 (0-9 and 0-90), D12 and a D20.

What will you be playing: Will you need a D20? Lots of D6 for dice pools? D4 for hit points? Fudge dice? Get to know the mechanics of the game you’ll be playing to figure out what you need. Think of it as an RPG grocery list. You shop by ingredients, so shop by mechanics.

If you have one, what is your theme: Some players are strict on their dice by only purchasing according to a theme. I know one player who buys only pink dice and another who buys a new set for every new character. There is a set of black and white steampunk dice on Amazon I’ve been drooling over for months now. Some people just buy as many dice as they possibly can. Some have their tried and true set they’ve had since third grade.

Type: Consider size, shape, color, pips, and any other factor. There are clear dice, sparkly dice, metal dice, marbled dice, glowing dice, dice inside dice, big dice, little dice, sharp sided precision dice, metal dice, bone dice, plastic dice, precious metal dice, and so many many many types of dice. Think about what you’ll be playing and what suits your personality and tastes.

Where to get Them: Before sinking into a panicked depression here is a comforting fact: dice are relatively easy to get. Check your local comic book/game shop. If you need a mess of D6 head down to the dollar store. Sometime your best bet is to buy a Pound of Dice from This will give you smorgasbord of pieces to choose from. Simply Googling dice sets will give you a a multitude of choices. Also ask around. People are sometimes willing to give up extra dice if you’re not too picky. If you’re absolutely desperate or just don’t feel like owning physical dice there are several online random generators that do the job for you!

My first set given to me for my first anniversary. They are pink and purple swirled and such fun. I own two giant dice with hearts for pips, a tiny D6 with a rose, 10 Mouse Guard dice, and a blue D20.  I’ve grown to adore these funny little items and often sigh over new pretty ones. No matter how you get yours chance are you’ll have them for years of enjoyment.


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  1. I love those Mouse Guard dice – I have a set of my own, and have considered getting 10 more from the Archaia website.
    Dice are one of the best aspects of roleplaying games, I think, and every gamer needs to have a decent sized collection. If nothing else, you have to have additional d20’s in case one of yours craps out mid-game.

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