Mar 212012

In my constant quest to find good gaming podcasts, I’ve run headfirst into a new one which is worth checking out. The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast consists of four guys who are truly passionate about table top gaming.

The secret's out

With a lengthy and boring commute, I’m constantly on the lookout for podcasts that will keep me engaged, cover topics I love and are well produced. These guys have all of that and they have it in a mega-sized package.  All of the episodes I’ve caught have been ~3 hours in length! 14 episodes into their bi-weekly podcasting gig, I’ve only caught the most recent three but I’m hooked.

The length of these podcasts may turn some folks off, but I’d suggest you check it out even if you’re not normally the lengthy podcast listening type. Yes, they’re long, but they’re worth it. The podcast is packed with a huge amount of good information, with just enough banter to keep it fun and interesting.

They spend a great deal of their energy on board games, which I love. While discussing several games per episode, they choose one title and do an in-depth review. They’ve managed to hit the sweet spot with these reviews, going into a good amount of detail on mechanics and actual game play, without becoming tedious. That’s not an easy thing to do for anyone who’s ever tried to convey how a board game works through audio only.

Their latest episode (as of this posting, #14) goes in depth with Sid Meyer’s Civilization board game, touches on playing RPGs with only a GM and one player, hits a few new title announcements, talk about underrepresented game,  and go over Savage Worlds.  They’ve also started a fledgling presence on Board Game Geek, with  a forum.

Certainly worth your time to check out this podcast. I’d be willing to bet you get hooked like I did.

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