Mar 122012

The third in our series of sneak peeks in partnership with Deniath, a geek informed marketplace where 72 hour sales are announced at significant discounts.  It’s a big one!

That's a lot of Nightfall!

Retailing at $149.96 for Nightfall and the three expansions, Blood Country, Martial Law and The Coldest War – this is an amazing deal. What is Nightfall?

Nightfall is the deck-building game of modern horror action from Alderac Entertainment Group.  Designed by David Gregg, Nightfall puts players in control of minions of the night, fighting one another for control of an Earth shrouded in eternal night. Werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and those who fight them see no need to hide from the public, waging their war in the streets.  Featuring direct head-to-head game play, card drafting, and the unique “chain” mechanic, Nightfall is unlike any other deckbuilding game on the market.

Remember that you do need to be a member of Deniath to take advantage of these sales. You’ll have to either know someone who can get you an invite, or apply for membership through Deniath directly. Or, you now have until March 23rd to take advantage of our special Deniath Member drive. All you need to to is email to request one. Be sure to include Troll in the Corner in the subject line and you’ll have your membership in less than a day!


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