Feb 272012

Last weekend found me at Total Confusion XXVI, at which I had an amazing time! I’ll be writing up a full overview of the convention in the next few days. For now, let just say that Argyle & Crew went off very well!

We had seven kids making Soppets and then completing a quick scavenger hunt, in which a number of them won copies of the game. The kids had a great time and I owe special thanks to Wayne at Sages of RPG for helping and photographing!

I was able to play a number of games I hadn’t played yet, all of which I’ll be reviewing here at the site. There were meetings to be had, and a great indie publishing get together with stories from RPG legend Tim Kask that I’m sure none of us will ever erase from our minds. Ever.

I got to sit down with the folks from Wiz Kids Games as well and finally learned how to play Quarriors. I enjoyed it so much, I dragged my wife to the demo and now she’s into it as well.  Finally, when I got home from TotalCon, 3 days of gaming just wasn’t enough. I taught my almost 9 year old to play, assisted by my 6 year old who was in charge of dice rolling and bag shaking.

More from Total Confusion in the next week.

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