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Forsaken Bride of Sanguine Vows

One of my favorite things about running games with artists is the amount of truly stellar portraiture I get. The value of a concrete image to an RPG is easy to grasp, and as a particularly uninspiring illustrator, getting to see characters in the games I run realized on this level never fails to make me happy.  While they cover a variety of subjects, I’ve been particularly treated to a slew of Exalted art recently, so this may be of particular interest to those of you who play in that particular system.   Mosey on down past the jump for a few thumbnails and links to the appropriate galleries, though be forewarned that some of the images are on the light side of NSFW, so peruse them at your own risk.





First up, we have the Pointy Eared Fiend. She does quite a bit of Exalted art, and is currently working on a pinup calender off all the player characters as well as a few of the NPCs. As such, some of her gallery could be considered NSFW, so click through with caution. (The in-game calendar has about 15 months, so she needed a little filler.) An unrepentant chromaphile and marker sorceress, she is skilled in a wide variety of mediums, and I’ve seen her crank out a plethora of fascinating pieces using some somewhat… unorthodox art supplies. She’s currently taking commissions and her rates are quite reasonable.  Here’s her take on a totemic anima banner.

Crap just got real.

Kaveri Shendo

Did I mention that she also does hand-made GM screens? Technically; yes. But now you get to look at them again!

If the four western elements aren’t your style, there’s one with flying skulls!

Now we move on to Evion, an extremely talented digital illustrator and painter. Her works are possessed of an incredible depth and complexity, and she cranks out high-caliber pieces in a variety of fandoms, lending her tablet to cyberpunk and pokemon with equal aplomb.

Also; Starwars.

Sith Inquisitor. Looks like she was unexpected.

If that’s a little on the dark side for you, have some daylight!


Unfortunately, she’s not taking commissions at the moment due to a heavy workload at her dayjob, but that will hopefully change in the months to come.

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