Feb 062012

I’ve been struggling with whether I should open this up to other RPG folks, and have after a bit of mental wrestling with myself (don’t worry, I won) decided it may be cool to do so.

Background I wrote and published a game called Arygle & Crew last September. It’s a simple, fun game in which you have sock puppets rather than character sheets. It’s designed for people ages 4+ and is also finally taking advantage of that expensive MEd I acquired a few years back. It can be used for fun, to help teach kids lessons, as a quick pickup game, to draw kids into the hobby and by educators and mental health professionals to, well educate and counsel people.

The idea: I’m looking to put together a decent sized ‘book’ of A&C scenarios, not all of which are written by me. Each scenario can be anywhere from 2-6 pages long. I’m hoping for 15-20 scenarios. I’ll provide 6 or 7.

Would any of you be interested in participating? If so, you’d be listed as a contributing author in the book. I may charge a small amount for it. I may also look into getting hard copies available through Amazon.com.

If I do charge for the book, as I did with the A&C book, I’ll donate at least 25% of any profits made from it to The Wayne Foundation.  The rest will go to keeping my site up and running, and making more books.

So, what do you all think? Even if you’re not interested in writing for it. If you are interested, I’m happy to provide a free PDF copy to you, and a template for the scenario. You can contact me here.

You can find a number of free scenarios here: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?cPath=5556_7823

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