Feb 082012

As I was pondering new Argyle & Crew scenarios, I hit on an interesting idea. What if I made a scenario for people aged 12+, and it involved a bit of the old naval combat? Well, buckled your peg leg on, shine up that parrot and touch off some black powder because out of that thought was born…

Darn the Torpedoes! A Guide to Naval Combat with Paper Ships

you can download it right now from DriveThruRPG! I’ve always been intrigued by simple rule sets to take on more complicated scenarios. While I’ve never been involved in a naval action, I imagine it’s anything but simple. I’ve designed some quick and easy to implement rules for running a naval combat just about anywhere, with just about anything. Ships can be made from paper, be  plastic models, or what have you.

The ocean is any flat surface that’s large enough to play on. It could be a table top, or your entire house. A small field will also work.

There are rules to cover movement, combat, boarding actions and what happens should a small child or dog accidentally eat one or several of your ships.  Also covered are magical ship abilities, with some optional rules about veteran crews and advancing your navy over several combats.

This is a Creative Commons licensed product (BY-NC-SA) and is also completely free. It is made to tie in with Argyle & Crew (boarding actions require a Soppet) which you can get for $2.99 in PDF form or $9.25 as a print product. Be advised however, you do not need A&C to play this. All you really need is some paper, a tape measure and a willingness to make paper ships.

Come fight with us!

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