Jan 092012

Who am I?  That is a valid question.  Ben asked my to write an introduction to you guys as I have just joined the staff here at Troll in the Corner

Well in a nutshell, I am an African American male, 46 years old, who loves both video games and tabletop role-playing games,  and feels that it is time “I” had my say.

With that statement out of the way, my interest are reading Sci-fi, mystery, adventure, and some fantasy, gaming (both tabletop and video), watching movies, and taking a stab at blogging.  I also have gotten back into table to gaming with some friends in Cary, NC and as soon as I get a new and faster PC/laptop, I will be playing Star Wars the Old Republic.

I have written one adventure years ago for a table top game that was published by Archon Gaming called NOIR the film noir roleplaying game.  I ran the adventure at the Origins gaming convention back in 2000, to rave reviews.  Now, to go along with my duties here, I will be working on an adventure set in the nWOD system published by White Wolf.    I also want to write a novel, and  I actually have something written, but never finished it.  That is one of my ongoing projects that I occasionally take out and dust off for old times sake.  Now I am moving more into the blogosphere to get some practical experience writing and keeping on task with projects.

Current project: 

Designed and maintain gaming blog called “Old Gamerz”.

About Raymond Terry

I am a geek and I revel in my geekiness...I like video game and tabletop roleplaying games. I like reading scifi, mystery and action/adventure/suspense novels. I like movies that stick to those genres as well with a smattering of comedy thrown in. I LOVE Japanese Anime and I am getting into some of the Japanese Drama shows as well. I live in Durham, NC with my family and after a brief hiatus, have gotten back into the tabletop gaming scene.

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  1. Welcome Ray!

  2. Hey there and welcome Ray :-)

  3. you guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…lol

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