Jan 112012

Welcome to the first Fiat Lux! If you’ve never painted a tabletop mini for your roleplaying events you’re missing out. Here’s a quick way to save yourself a lot of time and trouble at the table by temporarily basing your minis, making them easier to handle. Painting pros and longtime hobbyists tend to customize this solution, but the solution you’ll see here is a great option if you’re starting out.

Do you temp-base your own minis for painting? If so, how? Tell us in the comments below!

About Graham Williams

As a DM I run a table bi-weekly for The Møtlëy Créw, the baddest bunch of heroes to ever toss dice in the Nentir Vale. I’m a platform-agnostic kinda guy, so I’m just as happy to throw down with 4e, Pathfinder, and any other system wherein you’d care to roll the bones. Combat is important, but RP is rewarded at my table.

  6 Responses to “Fiat Lux: TrollTips #1 – Easymode for priming and painting minis.”

  1. Welcome Graham!

    As an aside, real RPGers don’t weep over dead characters. They go into the other room to peel onions.

  2. Great video blog entry! Just the right length while still being informative. Looking forward to this series.

  3. Welcome!

  4. A great tip I picked up awhile back at GenCon was to use a plastic soda/water bottle top and just super glue the mini to the cap. Breaks off easily enough when done and doesn’t damage to the base.

  5. I find myself subtly turned on by this newcomer. Great vid. +1

  6. Is it me or is the audio and video not synced together for portions of the vid?

    I’ve been using cork (I use the big end on top for the mini to sit on for more stability and the small end to hold) for awhile. I paint models for tabletop gaming (historicals usually). It is a Godsend for painting my Perry Miniatures minis.

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