Jan 092012

My brother is a fan of Terry Pratchett and has attempted to convert me on occasion however, as much as I am interested in the stories, for some reason I could never get to grips with Mr Pratchett’s writing style. I was sad, but resigned to never knowing the beauty and humour of Discworld.

The other month I was in my local bookstore chain, browsing their (limited) shelves of graphic novels, and came across books one and two of the Discworld series nicely bound in graphic novel form. “Aha”, I thought to myself gleefully, “perhaps I can enter Discworld after all.”

Sadly the book is still on my to-read pile due to pesky things like housework and workwork but I see a vague area of free time ahead and I am going to sit and read that book. I’ll let you know what I think.


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  2 Responses to “Discworld in graphic form (discovery)”

  1. I’m planning on collecting the Discworld series this year… and I have to look that graphic novel up in my local bookstore!

  2. Hi Andersson.

    It would be interesting to hear opinions from people who have read both the books and the graphic novels.

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