Jan 162012

  Hello everyone! My name is Will, and I’m one of the new authors contributing to the blog. I run and play in way too many roleplaying games, and each of these games has way too many people in them. This has taught me a few things about the relationships between people, gaming and how many six-siders you can forcibly cram up somebody’s sinuses.

I work with a small start-up company called No Context Games, which is a conglomeration of writers, artists, crafters, game designers and general deviants.  We are currently involved in a number of projects, including RPG-themed prints and calendars, a tabletop game centered around transhuman intergalactic espionage various costume pieces and beautiful, handmade DM screens that can be had by clicking on the hastily photoshopped logo to your left.

Now that I have access to a captive audience plethora of intelligent readers, I look forward to covering such subjects as addressing such topics as game balance, system design and common player issues as well doing a few product reviews and generating new content to use in your games.

About Vanhavoc

I write the Game Mechanic, a weekly article on fixing broken rules, improving the efficiency of your games, or throwing in some new content to help make your game run just a little bit better.

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  1. Welcome Will!

  2. Say, how many six-siders CAN you forcibly cram up somebody’s sinuses?

    I needed this information the other day…

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