Jan 172012

I'm pretty sure I don't look anything like this...Name, rank, and service number, eh? Col. Paul Blake, reporting for duty, service number India-Papa-Lima-Alfa-Yankee-Golf-Alfa-Mike-Echo-Sierra. No, I’m not going to be filling the post of “resident Grognard” or anything like that. It’s just that, when one is given an honorary title, one might as well use it – even if it was given as the result of an outdated personnel list.

So, what kind of person is this Colonel Blake fellow, anyway? Why should we care what he has to say?

I’m glad you asked that, hypothetical asker of rhetorical questions. I’ve been a lot of things in my time: Professional clown, juggler, conjurer, origami aficionado, toy designer, game developer, and yes, I was even fortunate enough to hold that lofty title of “Used Video Game Store Sales Associate.” I’ve traveled abroad, seen exotic locations, and helped liquidate the contents of a South Pacific toy store. My life has been everything I could possibly want, and so much more. One time, I even got to ride a moose.

Okay, a little more down-to-earth: I’ve been actively designing, playtesting – and on a few occasions, even publishing – tabletop games for the past fifteen years or so. I don’t really consider myself any particular kind of gamer: I’m equally comfortable sitting down to a 3-hour session of an epic civilization-style game as I am trying out a twenty-minute beer-and-pretzels filler. I like games. Video games, tabletop games, or even abstract conceptual games which only exist in the minds of those who play them.

So, yeah. I’ll be writing about games, game design, game publication, and occasionally Doctor Who. No, it’s not relevant, I just like Doctor Who.

  4 Responses to “A Colonel of Truth in There Somewhere…”

  1. Welcome yelling Paul!

  2. You rode a moose! There’s something inherently awesome, and frightening, in that. Have you ever considered including moose as mounts for any games you have or may create?

    • This would first require me to design a game which involved mounts. Not that I have anything against the inclusion of Moose-mounted units – I just haven’t created any games for which they would be appropriate. Maybe some kind of deck-building/trick-taking/worker placement/set collecting/miniatures combat/tile laying game of medieval espionage and pencil carving. In space.

      The Moose-mounted units would, obviously, give you a whittling bonus.

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