Dec 062011

Take my game, please!

Argyle & Crew – the sock puppet RPG is designed with kids in mind. I really think it can be used effectively in the classroom and by behavioral health specialists working with kids.

I’d like to find out if my thoughts are correct by getting this game into the hands of these folks but I’m finding it quite hard to do this. I know a few folks who work in education and have enjoyed the book but I’ve reached the limit of my personal network.

Anyone here teach kids aged 4-10? Know someone who does and who would be interested in looking at A&C? How about some behavioral health folks? I’ll give a copy of the PDF to any of these folks, no strings attached.

I’d love to hear back about their thoughts on A&C but if there’s not time or inclination to respond, that’s fine.

Additionally, the CC license I’m using will allow them to distribute the PDF to anyone they wish to without repercussions.  This game may be of interest to people working on online degrees in education as well.

I’d appreciate any suggestions you all may have. Help me give this game away!

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