Nov 142011

It’s Teach Your Kids to Game Week!

They’re going mad nuts with this over at DriveThruRPG, and featuring a whole bunch of RPG titles aimed specifically at you and your kids. I’m proud to say that my game Argyle & Crew (DriveThruRPG and is featured!

To celebrate, I’ve just released a new scenario for Argyle & Crew – The Scared Soppet. This scenario is for kids 4+ and is designed to help children role play through their fears to better articulate what it is they are afraid of, and to help them overcome this fear.

With a group of kids, it’s a great way to see that everyone is afraid of something. With the use of their Soppets, they can talk about and act out these fears behind the safety of a sock puppet, each taking turns helping each other out.

For individual children who may have experienced traumatic incidents in their lives, it’s a chance to address these incidents with their parents, caregivers and behavioral health professionals. Role playing through these incidents with the guidance of someone they trust.

Enjoy the new scenario, and remember to put aside some time this weekend to take your kids on a grand adventure!

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  1. ….those damn scary giant clowns.

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