Nov 032011

I’m very excited to announce that my next project, Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places has gotten funded through kickstarter! Not only did I reach my goal of $500 but I exceeded it, raising an additional $160, mostly in the form of pre-orders.

Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places is a source book for any fantasy role playing game.  In it you will find Non-player characters, items, adventure hooks, encounters & beasties – all easily added to your campaign with a minimum of effort.

As it started, EPP was a roughly 40 page book. My best guess is that it will be much closer to (of not surpassing) 50 pages now, with the additional input from backers who I’ll be creating content with. Also, with the extra funds, I’m able to commission even more original artwork which means I’ve included a few more bits of my own as well.

I’m working with a great artist, Khairul Hisham to produce all of the original artwork for this project. I’ve also brought on Ashley Cook of Giant Fire Breathing Robot fame as the project’s editor. She’ll be working with me to make this project eminently more readable, with far less commas than I’d normally have. That’s a good thing, as much as I love, the extra, commas.

This book will be Creative Commons licensed, and available as a PDF for $5 and a full color, softcover book for $15. I’m looking to have the PDF available by the end of 2011 and the printed book available in January of 2012.

Piri - an NPC from Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places


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  1. I heard about it from AngryDM on twitter. Looking forward to the PDF!

  2. Hey Thorynn,

    I am too! I admit to being biased, but this is going to be a fantastic little book! I’m thoroughly enjoying writing it and those who’ve read it have enjoyed it as well!


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