Oct 212011

How does this sound?

A near-immortal being who’s punishment for past sins is to wander the world, condemning ‘sinners’ to oblivion at the direction of the gods.

A wild cleric, beholden to no gods but imbued with divine power and a mission.

A thief who stole his way into a conspiracy to overthrow a king and is now running for his life.

An ancient drake compiling a concise history of the living races, even if it has to bend history to its will to do it.

The spirit of Death stalks the woods nearby dissuading any from exploring, or stumbling into more than they should know.

An ancient, magical construct designed to empower its user with enormous strength with one fatal flaw.

Raymond - just one of the NPCs from Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places

Encounters ~ Plots ~ Places is my latest project.  It’s clocking in around 40 pages right now but will likely to expand beyond that.  If what you’ve glimpsed above is at all interesting to you and has gotten the seed of creativity growing then you’ll absolutely love the finished book!

This project will happen whether or not the Kickstarter for it is successful. If I do succeed in raising just $500 through pre-orders and special perks, I’ll be able to hire a great artist to create more original content, and depending on how much you’re willing to contribute, that content could be yours!

If you’d like a preview, I’ve published one of the NPCs for free and you can get him right here.

Image copyright Louis Porter Jr. Design.

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