Oct 262011

A Night in Lonesome October: an RPG Blog Carnival has arrived!

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to come up with some brand spankin’ new RPG content for the special Halloween RPG Blog Carnival. What I can do though are offer folks my Contagion Infected Zombies expansion for Pathfinder for free. You can click here and get it for nothing until midnight, October 31st.

Be sure to stop by the blog carnival page and check out the other entries! Some good stuff coming out!

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I'm a geek. A nerd, a dweeb, whatever. Yes I owned garb, yes I still own medieval weaponry. And yeah, I could kick your butt in Mechwarrior the CCG. I love video games, role playing games, tactical board games and all forms of speculative fiction. I will never berate someone for wanting to be a Jedi and take everything Gary Gygax ever wrote as gospel. Well, all of this but that last bit.

  3 Responses to “A Night in Lonesome October: Free zombies for you this Halloween!”

  1. Thanks! Just downloaded them, looks good!

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