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It’s the Winter is Coming RPG Blog Festival!

Welcome to the Winter Is Coming RPG Blog Festival. We’re a group of bloggers and gamers inspired to produce and publish winter-themed RPG content for a week, either as guest bloggers here on Wombat’s Gaming Den of Iniquity or on another site which we’ll link to from this page. The point? To rally the RPG community around a topic; to share, to read and to comment on the ideas that your fellow gamers have when inspired by Winter. Everyone involved welcomes your attention and your feedback. Enjoy!

Here’s a quick adventure seed you can use with your party.  What’s required?  A Wintry setting, a mid-level party and a gaggle of Frost Giants.

Frost Giant’s Sorrow

Your PCs wanders in to a seeming ambush by a small group of desperate Frost Giants.  They are obviously half-starved and desperate for food or loot.

What your PCs does not know is that they have been migrating further north to leave the world of the smaller folk behind.  However, they were spotted and have been doggedly pursued and harassed by a number of Human (Elven or Dwarven) patrols.

Yesterday they lost several members of their group and are now preparing to make a last stand.  Mistaking the PCs for another group of giant hunters, they attack without warning.

If the frost giants find themselves losing the battle, they will retreat to a large cave entrance to make their stand.

If the PCs successfully defeats and kills the two to four frost giants, they will hear over the wind the wailing of a child.

Inside the cave are the remains of several cooked horses, various large blankets and hides, and wrapped up in a badly stitched bear skin blanket is one frost giant baby, no more than three or four weeks old.

The PCs will realize that one of the giants they fought was a female, if they decide to check.

The quandary: Is this frost giant baby inherently evil?  Who will take care of it?  What responsibility do the PCs have towards it? Can they just up and leave it in the cave? Not unless they’re playing an evil party.  If they decide to rescue this Frost Giant baby, what do they do with it?

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  1. in indonesia we have 2 seasons only

  2. Summer and…?

  3. Wet and Dry seasons. :)

  4. A pretty neat encounter to throw into a session. Heck, change it from frost to any other type and you have an all-weather encounter. Very nice.

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