Aug 222011

With just four days left, and a little under $2,000 to raise, I have my doubts as to whether or not Argyle & Crew will receive the funding it needs to hire some top notch artists and graphical designers. What does this mean for the project?

It certainly means I won’t be getting all of the top-notch art and layout that I was looking for.  However, it doesn’t mean this book will be entirely composed of public domain art.  I’d like to give a huge shout out to Khairul Hisham who’s provided some amazing artwork for the project.  Through his contributions, which have already been added to the book, Argyle & Crew is looking pretty sharp, if I do say so myself. The cover is composed around his rendition of the Soppets Argyle and Crew.

While I’d certainly love to be fully funded, fulfill all of the pre-orders through Kickstarter and get some more amazing art, even without the funds the project will continue. My goal is to get the book published by mid-September if the Kickstarter goal isn’t met.  This will be the PDF.  The print copy may be lagging behind a bit as I figure out a few layout issues on my own.

I will still be donating 25% of any profits made through the sale of this game directly to The Wayne Foundation as well! They’re a 503(c) organization the goal of ending the exploitation of children in the US, which is a very worthy goal.

I still believe this is a great game.  It’s a ton of fun for kids to play, gives adults the satisfaction of seeing kids get into gaming (and an excuse to play with sock puppets themselves) and is a great learning tool.  I would absolutely love to see a last minute push for funding succeed, so if you know anyone with anywhere from $3 to $2000 to spare, please point them in my direction!  On a similar note, if you know any artists or layout folks who’d like to donate their time and creative talents in lieu of a donation or per-order, they’ll receive a PDF copy of the book, help the whole project look a lot better and thus drive more donations to The Wayne Foundation.

Oh, and happy freaking Monday!


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