Aug 292011

I am very pleased to announce that Argyle & Crew will be available to purchase on Thursday, September 1st!  That’s 3 days from now!

Find out more about Argyle & Crew – the sock puppet RPG.  A collaborative storytelling game with rpg-lite rules great for kids ages 1 – 104.

The PDF will be available at DriveThruRPG and will sell for $2.99.  As soon as I release the PDF version, the printed product will begin it’s review phase and should be available several weeks later.  The Print version of the book will be a full color softcover, available for $9.00.  Both will be available for $10.00 and will feature instant access to the PDF.

As you may know, I had a Kickstarter project up and running to raise money for professional illustrations and layout/design.  Unfortunately this did not happen.  Fortunately I’ve been spending my time finishing up the product ad learning a ton about layout and design.  Also fortuitous was the donation of three pieces of original artwork created by Khairul Hisham.

An 8 page preview PDF is currently available at DriveThruRPG for free if you’d like a look at this project.  This preview PDF has not been fully formatted or proofed.  Also available: Knock your Socks Off, a Creative Commons licensed mix-tape for RPG lovers everywhere. I consider this something like a soundtrack for Argyle & Crew.

Be sure to check back here on September 1st as I’ll be giving a few copies of the PDF away.  If you’re a blogger, podcaster or reviewer, let me know and I’ll get a review copy off to you!

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