Jul 232011

My family got together and we decided to make some soppets and run through a very quick story so the rest of the world could hear what Argyle & Crew was all about.

Here’s a few audio snippets of us putting together the Soppets and then of me running my two daughters, Izzie and Luca through the story Curse of the Socktopus!


Argyle & Crew is a cooperative storytelling game which features Sock Puppets (Soppets). Made for kids, adults and educators, A&G is a great way to get your little geek in to gaming.

At its most basic level, there are very few rules and imagination is really the only limiting factor. For older kids, a few rules come in to play. Also included are optional RPG-lite rules (which fit on one page) for making A&G a great sandbox RPG.

Please visit the Kickstarter project if you’d like to find out more, or pre-order the game!

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