Jun 102011

Nikki Glass only thought the night was not going well as she sat in a restaurant with yet another blind date who, to put it politely, was not for her. Her well-intentioned big sister just won’t quit. While sitting in the restaurant, she got a call from a friend that needed some help – a win for her. Surely. Right? She can bail on the date, help out a friend, and everyone ends up with a better evening.

Not so much.

Nikki has an uncanny ability to find and recover things, and she has found a good deal of trouble. The nature of the help that her friend wanted leads to some astounding revelations, including the fact that she is a direct descendant of Artemis. Descendants of Artemis are rare enough that they are at a premium.

There are two supernatural groups in town: the one that is now holding Nikki and needs her help, and one that has some things in mind for her that are not on her agenda. When Nikki’s sister gets pulled in to the power struggle, all bets are off.

What appeals to me about this book?

  • Mythology, mystery, and magic. When an author puts all three of these together in a book, I am a happy nerd.
  • Although the characters are supernatural, the situations really aren’t. People go missing, people get hurt, people get sad, people have puzzles that need to be fixed. This is everyday life.
  • Fixing those issues takes some supernatural action – that’s where the cool factor comes in.

The sidelines are a pretty good place to be when a supernatural fight starts, and this is one that you’ll get invested in as a reader. Settle down in a chair with Nikki and the crew and get ready – you won’t know what hit you.

Read the first chapter of Dark Descendant here.

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Ashley and her minders, two very strict black cats, make their home on the bayou. One fine day, Ashley finally realized she did not want to write the Great American Novel -- she wanted to understand how writing worked. She set about doing this, and you are seeing her results. It's a long-term project. Enjoy! [The cats do her proofreading...]

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