May 312011

I’ve been getting more and more in to podcasts recently.  I have a rather long commute in which I don’t have to do anything but sit on a train and try and act threatening enough to secure my own seat, but not so threatening that I get kicked off or picked up as a terrorist.  Podcasts have helped, so I’m always on the lookout for good shows to fill the void of commuting time.

Back in February when I was at TotalCon, I bumped into a fellow named Blix quite often.  He’s a contributing member of TriTacGames, the folks who are responsible for Fringeworthy and Bureau 13 (which caused an FBI raid on the Tri Tac offices)  among many other games.

They host a weekly podcast titled Fringeworty: Tri Tac Games Podcast and it’s quite good. They do a bit on their own games, but more often then not cover many topics dealing with RPGs on a whole.  The relationships between players, GMs and product.  I’ve gotten a number of good ideas from them and have enjoyed many of their discussions on game theory.  Certainly worth a listen!  Their episodes fall between 30 minutes to an hour long (except the occasional actual play episode, which is longer).

Find them via Podbean, or iTunes.

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