May 162011

That’s right, ladies (both of you) and gentlemen. Welcome to the first installment of the Greatest Ever…

This article series all about my geeky journey through popular culture. As I find that I have a love of something I will deem it the Greatest Ever…something. How will I know when something has reached the status of Greatest Ever? Because I’ll find myself trying to guide mundane conversations in my life into discussions about…whatever it is. Because when I’m feeling completely destroyed by life I’ll still find myself grinning or joking when I’m exposed to these things. Because when it’s not there it will feel like there’s something missing inside of me.

You can expect all sorts of things from here reaching all sorts of genres and topics. I have already decided the Greatest Ever: comic book universe, TV series, D&D class, D&D comic series, TV series with a heart, comic book event, TV series to make you think, TV series that makes you wonder “what the hell”, 80s cartoon, game night food, comic book movie, and many more.

And let’s face it, if you disagree, it’s okay. Everyone’s allowed to be wrong and I’ll totally back your right to have an odd disjointed, possibly perverted and dangerous view of reality.

Yeah…it’s going to be that sort of article series and by that I mean, the GREATEST ARTICLE SERIES EVER!

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  2 Responses to “Greatest Ever Article Series!”

  1. Welcome Squach! Having taken a gander at your first full article, I can say I’m very much looking forward to reading more!

  2. Oh…it’s going to be awesome…like…the GREATEST! My second article is so already done and ready for publication too…it’s pretty much the Greatest thing since this article.

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