May 242011

Everyone knows the stereotype of the crazed and wide-eyed self-proclaimed prophet shouting, “the end is nigh!” from the corner of a busy intersection. We all roll our eyes and walk a little faster, trying our best not to make eye contact with the obvious nutters. We half-listen and scoff at the reports of scholars, mathematicians, and even computer programs proclaiming to foresee the end of times. So many people, in fact, have given their theories on how the world will end, and have been proven wrong, that we take the words of these doomsayers with a grain of salt and go about our business as normal.

But what if they are right? What if the world stops turning or a gigantic meteor collides with the planet? What if a global epidemic wipes out the population or the city of R’lyeh rises from the depths bringing Cthulhu and the Ancient Ones with it? Are you prepared?

The thought that any of these things could actually happen is disconcerting at best, but worry not. There are many out there who are prepared for the worst, and have their own theories on the impending apocalypse. These armageddon intellectuals are willing to share their ideas and studies through the guise of fiction, since modern sciences tend to frown upon doom prophets.

I am making it my mission, in the hopes of prolonging our chances of survival, to bring awareness and attention to the different theories and survival strategies out there. Periodically, I will report in with a different look on the up and coming destruction of the planet, and everything we know.

So fear not. There are those out there who know we have precious little time left. You are not alone in this. Even the CDC is aware that something could happen at any time, and recently released this article about preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Read up, and make sure YOU have what it takes to make it when the last days are upon us.

About Tim Tuttle

When not serving food to the masses, I read, write, game, role-play, and constantly train my ferocious ferret army. I mainly read traditional and urban fantasy, but I'm making steady excursions to the realms of all that is sci-fi.

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