Apr 272011

WARNING: This session features a particularly raunchy joke within the first 5 minutes of the recording. It’s not just NSFW content, it’s kind of Not Safe for Life.

That said, here’s the link to that audio! =)

In this session, the party ventured back into Freeport to begin their search for the Cultists of Haagenti that had cursed the Hall of the Gods. They did their searching around and found out that one of the cultists was somehow linked to a noble house in the city. This searching featured a pretty interesting set of interactions with the proprietor of Godshop. I love role-playing out random NPC interactions like this. When the characters started investigating the cultists, I didn’t even think they’d go talk to this guy, but it turned into a nice portion of the session.

After finding out that one of the cultists was linked to a noble house, they also found out that said nobles would be attending the Sea Lord’s Gala in a few nights. This is the same Gala that one of the characters was going to attend with his likely soon-to-be boyfriend. I figured that the group would find some way to infiltrate the Gala and get information about the nobles in question.

That’s when real life intruded.

The player whose character actually had the invite got called into work just as we were going to start that portion of the adventure. So she left and the remaining characters decided to take advantage of the nobles’ absence from their estate to infiltrate the house and see what they could find out. As I had been planning to have them go to the party, this was all ad-libbed by me, but we ended up having a great time with it.

I don’t want to give too much away so you’ll have reason to listen to the audio but I will say that they ended up finding the proof they needed, as well as info about the other three cultists and as they left, they only stranded a few servants inside the worship room of the noble cultist. Just a few.

It was a really good session and it left us with a really good set-up to go after the cultists directly. As well, when the next session posts, you’ll get to hear how the Gala went and how I worked to include all of the my players even though only one of them actually went to the Gala.

I’m having a great time with this campaign and by the time this posts, we’ll have played the 9th session. I don’t know when it will wrap up or when we’ll want to move on to a different story but, for now, I’m not worried about it. We’re all having a great time in Freeport.

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