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If there was one game that I knew I wanted to get in at RavenCon, it had to be a game run by Paul Charran.  I met Paul at one of his games last year and I learned from him one of the major elements missing from my own games at the time, bringing energy to the table.  Paul is filled with laughter, movie quotes, and quips, but manages to not let those asides tear him away from great storytelling and role play opportunities at the same time.  He makes the table excited to play, and I was stoked that this year he allowed me to record one of his sessions to share with the Troll ITC community.

Paul runs Savage Worlds primarily (perhaps exclusively at this point, I don’t know him well enough to say) and for this game we took on the role of a team of monster hunters in the late 1800’s Rippers setting by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Readers may remember that I played in another Rippers game MarsCon where I played a Russian with a big axe to compensate for his lack of intelligence, which was actually run by Paul as well.  This time around, I got to play a Scottish descendant cowboy with a pair of shotguns.  I really should have tried to affect an accent just for the fun of it, but this game started early and I was still a bit subdued by my lack of sleep the night prior.

Our group, as you’ll hear in the audio, was hired to investigate the brutal murder of an English gentleman, under the pretense that it seemed more mundane than supernatural.  Of course we players knew something else was afoot.  Our adventures led us to the scene of the crime and a nearby asylum, where strange medical practices were performed on known serial killers, a likely lead in our sort of work.

My apologies go out to the Game Master on this one because I had to leave the session early, but I was able to leave the recorder with a friend to make sure the entire session made it on audio.

As always, this podcast is available right here, through DriveThruRPG, and on iTunes.

Everyone knows monsters aren't real...

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