Apr 052011

This weekend I’m headed to RavenCon, and I am stoked to be going back for my second year of this local Richmond, Va gathering of writers and writer fans of all genres nerdy, focusing largely on Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, and Mystery.

In addition to meeting up with great folks met at last year’s convention, this year I’ve done my best to drum up as much support as possible from gamer friends in the area to get them out.  And why not?  It’s practically in their back yard.

Recently, I did a Convention Report article for MarsCon, another great local nerdy gathering run and visited by many of the same people.  Turns out, I ran into one of our active readers/commenters Sewicked during a game of Pathfinder, and I didn’t even know it until after the con.  Not that I expect to run into many faces other than those I already know will be going and are local from the area, but if any of you will be present, let me know by dropping a comment or an e-mail… or Facebook post… or Tweet… I’d love to meet up and roll some dice!

Although I’m excited to join some of the writing workshops and listen to some great panels, I’ve got to admit that the 3 day, all hours gaming is a large part of why I’m attending this weekend.

In addition to playing in whatever strikes my interest, I’ll be running a session of Interface Zero for Savage Worlds, a setting I previously reviewed on this site.  Participants will be among the first to play test my first freelance writing gig, as after that article I was contacted with a proposal to rewrite some of the rules I found a little clunky (namely the virtual reality combat portion of the game).  My new rules are about 90% complete, and we are hopeful for publishing in Fall if all things come together properly.  RavenCon will play host to the first public play test of this alternate digital combat rule set, so if you’ll be there I’d particularly appreciate any Troll ITC guinea pigs.

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