Apr 012011

Well, it happened.  Enough people asked me where they could actually obtain some of these covers (thanks Rita!) that I went ahead and published the entire 8 of them as a 9 page PDF.  Go figure.

It’s available right now from DriveThruRPG for half a buck.  Ah hell, it’s free. $0.00. Just take it. I don’t need to eat. Or pay my bills.  Or buy deodorant.

Completely Horrible and Utterly Made Up Covers is a compilation of 8 covers for RPG supplements that don’t exist, and probably shouldn’t.

Perfect for printing out and putting on the gaming table just as your group is arriving, on top of a stack of unrelated papers.

Contains such classics as:

  • Bowlers and Haberdasheries: 101 Magical Hats.
  • Secrets of the Trapped Codpiece: a romantic adventure for 4-6 3rd level characters.
  • Human Female Barbarian or Male Elf Warrior? A Field Guide to Elves.
  • The Young Player’s Guide to In Game Sex: A system neutral guide to role playing coitus with a bunch of other people just as inexperienced as you.

And four more!

WARNING: Contains language that is not appropriate for children, amorphous semi-aware constructs such as blobs, oozes and puddings, Larry Golden of 12 Park Look Ln., Berwiek ME, 03901 and Gnomes.

Not sold yet?  Here’s one of the new images:


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  2. I am new to Troll in the Corner, and had never seen these before! These are fantastic! :) The “Field Guide to Elves” got me laughing the instant I saw it! I can totally imagine these actually being made as book though, even if they were small 10-pagers! :)

  3. Thanks Jack! I appreciate you taking the time to say so.

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