Mar 072011

That’s right folks, this coming Saturday, lost among the 60,000 other folks there, will be three representatives from Troll in the Corner! PAX East is nearly here, and we’re going to be there! Which means if you’re there, we’ll be there as well and since two of us live here, it’s here in our backyard! There!

Myself, Tracy and Scott will all be present. Digitally armed with audio, video and picture devices, toting games around and gawking with the best of them. We already have interviews lined up with some pretty cool folks there and will all be posting our coverage on this site in the weeks to come. Plus I plan on walking away with some exciting new games to review.

Personally I’m planning on attending several talks on tabletop gaming, getting in on some Magic the Gathering (which I’ve been absent from since the late 90s) and perhaps putting together a few impromptu games myself.

I’d love to also schedule more time with vendors, publishers, creators and others involved in table top gaming – so anyone out there, feel free to hit me up! Interviews, reviews, podcasts, photo ops – you name it, we’ll be ready for it.

If you’re going and would like to say hello, you can reach Tracy and myself on Twitter.  You can also reach me via our contact page. This goes for anyone – I’d love to meet as many gamers as possible, hang out, game, talk, eat and drink. Not necessarily in that order.

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