Mar 202011

Welcome to my first of two Old School Paxcasts!  Podcast interviews recorded at PAX East in March of 2011.  Today’s episode includes a brief overview of PAX East and Don Gusano Games’ Quack in the box.

To read more about PAX East, check out what Tracy had to say and also my review.  Follow the link to my review to see pictures of Chris and crew plus our game of Quack in the Box.

Quack in the Box is available from Don Gusano Games.   Be sure to check out artist Len Peralta as well, who did each and every illustration for Quack in the Box.

Here’s a quick overview of Quack in the Box, along with a gallery of images taken as I unboxed the game.

If laughter is the best medicine, then this game is an overdose! Take on the role of an unscrupulous quack doctor in this satirical, fast-paced card game where profit trumps prognosis. Whoever earns the most money wins — but it you kill too many patients, an angry mob will come after you!

Absolutely no medical knowledge required to play, although this game will tickle the funny bone of your favorite health professional.

Quack in the Box is available right now!

As always, this podcast is available right here, through DriveThruRPG and through iTunes.

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