Mar 252011

Over the past few days I’ve been working on implementing some fairly major changes on this site.  The majority of them are on the back end, but here are a few things you may notice now.

We are now fully integrated with Facebook for comments/liking.  If you’re logged in to face book, you can comment simultaneously on Troll in the Corner and Facebook, like posts, and comments made on Facebook about a TC link will appear in that link.  I debated over this for a few days, and ultimately decided that FB is so pervasive, it would be silly not to do this.  Commenting in the ‘old’ style still works as well (uncheck the “post to facebook” checkbox).

Bookmark This is gone.  That semi-annoying pop-up java thing which would allow you to link the post to reddit, FB, twitter and numerous other social sites is gone.  Now at the bottom of the post you have the same option, but much better looking and far, far less annoying.

Print this post is gone:  That ugly link at the top of the site allowing you to print a post?  Gone.  That’s now at the bottom along with the social sites buttons.

I’m working on complete iPad integration utilizing OnSwipe, but the plugin doesn’t play nice with our caching plugin (or any caching plugin for that matter).  I’ve been going back and forth with the developers, who have been very helpful.  There may or may not be a fix to this in the near future.

Thanks for your patience if you happened to be on the site when it started acting strange for a bit.

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