Mar 292011

Troll in the Corner presents something a little different this week, a peek into the Facebook pages of a few iconic D&D figures.

Ben and I came up with a bunch of these in a conversation last week, and I decided to commit the best ones to a little image editing for your enjoyment.  Click to each embiggen.

An Orc Minion posts an update about his day at work in the dungeon…

10' by 10' room

The great Vampire Lord Strahd cyber-stalks his latest chosen prey…


Tiamat just started her profile!


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  6 Responses to “Advanced Dungeons and Facebook”

  1. I swear you stole the Tiamat thing from my mom, who acts exactly like that on Facebook.

  2. Your mom has more than one face, Tronk?

  3. You know, goblins really shouldn’t refer to people as midgets.

  4. Yeah, but, they are always that height. The Dungeon Master on the other hand is pretty short for a Human, midget for his race, where as that Goblin could be a giant among his people for all you know ;)

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