Feb 172011

Mirkmoot has returned!  Now featuring artist Tim Reardon’s all original artwork (with a few bits from others) and 10 new magical items.  Plus, Mirkmoot himself has gotten his very own stat block. As always with my documents, Mirkmoot is available from DriveThruRPG for just a buck!

We here at Troll in the Corner’s Magical Emporium are constantly searching the known and unknown worlds to bring you, our wealthy and overly encumbered adventurers, the finest magical items. We’ve journeyed the planes, trawled lakes of fire, flitted through realms composed of clouds and consorted with demon princes and godlings.

We’re not quite sure why it is then, that we continue to be fascinated with the objects created by one forlorn and grumpy goblin, but fascinate us the creations of Mirkmoot certainly do!

We’re ecstatic to announce then that Mirkmoot has returned! Actually, he hasn’t so much returned as never left, really. We’ve tried asking him to leave but every time we get as far as “We’d like to have our bathroom back and. . . ” he vanishes in a cloud of toilet paper and eventually turns up mumbling to himself hours or days later.

In this document you will find:

Mirkmoot Himself – all stat blocked out and ready to go!
Mirkmoot’s Wondrous Waterater
Mirkmoot’s Fancy Cloak of Fascinating
Mirkmoot’s Skull of Enfearing
Mirkmoot’s Doily of Disguise
Mirkmoot’s Magical Map of Knowing Where You Are
Mirkmoot’s Dead Bees of Enmessaging
Mirkmoot’s Reed of Sucking
Mirkmoot’s Portable Vacation
Mirkmoot’s Pink Eye
Mirkmoot’s Turtle of Rage

The perfect document of not quite perfect magic items to amuse and befuddle your party.

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