Feb 242011

Every village seems to have one – the village Granny. The old woman who has lived forever in a tidy, but small hut out by the outskirts of the village. She never hurts anyone and always has a kind word for people. She owns a good pair of sturdy boots has a great sense of family dedication and loves to cook. She often has several generations of offspring and seems unnaturally long lived and energetic.

She’s also a bit off, often wandering in to the creature infested woods at odd hours of the night. Inevitably she returns several hours later none the worse for wear, occasionally with a bugbear cub in tow and saying things like “Isn’t he just a darling?”

There is a reason these elderly ladies can traipse through monster infested, deep woods without receiving anything worse than a twig in the hair. They have been literally taken under the wing of a Granny Drake.  Get yours today for free at DriveThruRPG!

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