Feb 102011

To the Pathfinder (and d20/OGL) playing world, I bring you a new creature, a new type of Undead! The Disgruntled Zombie.

The disgruntled zombie is a rare form of undead creature – one that has become self-aware yet is hard pressed to change their situation, due to being controlled by some necromancer or fancy wizard, or something.

The bane of Masters of the Night everywhere, a disgruntled zombie will complain ceaselessly about duties it is commanded to perform, unless those duties are both fun and exciting. As many Disgruntled Zombies know, Necromancers can bring excitement of a sort to any task, but are rarely any fun at all.

Download this new creature, and two new spells for free from DriveThruRPG!

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  2. Careful sir, you’re starting to look like a professional game designer.

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