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February 25th is rapidly approaching!  It’s a date I’m excited about because it will be the first day of Total Confusion (for me, TotalCon starts Thursday the 24th)!  In addition to being an industry guest for my small contribution to the roleplaying world, I’ll also be wearing my blogger hat and covering the convention here on TC.

Total Confusion XXV runs February 24-27, 2011 at the Holiday Inn located in Mansfield, MA.

I’ll be writing about the convention in general, about running and playing in various games and about what it’s like to be an industry guest at a convention.  I honestly don’t know much about that last bit, as this will be my first time, so we’ll go through that bit together.  I do know that I’ll be provided with beer and a T-shirt, so it’s already one of the more fantastic experiences of my life.  That and everyone I’ve dealt with who’s working on TotalCon has been fantastic.

My longtime friend, co-author and hetero gaming life partner Scott will be in attendance as well.  You may know him from our recently launched and still not yet grown up podcast, Old School Actual Play.  I’m hoping to record a few actual play sessions at the convention, as well as do a few mini-casts with Scott and anyone else in the immediate vicinity that we can rope in to it.  At least one of these will be from the bar, and possibly from the hot tub as well.

If you’re going to show up, please do stop by and say hello!  I’d love to meet more area gamers.  Here you can find my schedule at the conference, including games I’m running.

Now, if you do intend to participate in one of my games, well you’re gonna get more than 4 hours of Pathfinder zombie apocalypse goodness. I’ll be giving every single person who plays in of my my two Aruneus games my complete catalog (as PDFs) for free.  By the time the convention rolls around, I’m hoping that these offerings will have been expanded by at least two.  Contining in the free stuff vein, at my two sessions as they draw to a close, I’ll be asking the players to vote for one of their own.  Each session will have one person voted as best role player.  That person will receive this T-shirt in their size.

Also, I’m expecting to announce a new little something early next week. I’ll be giving a bunch of those little somethings away as well, both at the convention and online.

Finally, everyone who attends Total Confusion XXV and receives  a swag bag, will have inside that swag bag a flier entitling them to download my World of Aruneus Contagion Infected Zombies PDF for free.

All told, it’s going to be an amazingly fun time!  I can’t wait to meet lots of folks, play a ton of games, record some podcasts and have a grand old time.  I can’t wait to see you there!

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