Feb 082011

I’d like to take a moment out of your day and plug another website. One that dedicates itself to the one of the highest callings in the gaming world.  Board game reviews.  You think I’m joking?  Let me get a stack of board games and mail them to you so you can play them and write about them!

Okay, so actually, it’s a gamer’s dream to have a site like this.  The hard part is doing a good job at it.  Dice Hate Me does that good job, and in a way that’s more than good.  It’s grrrrrrrreat! Now, not only did I turn you on to a very decent new site, but you just read part of this post in the venerable voice of Tony the Tiger.

Chris, the proprietor of Dice Hate Me has put together an intelligent site with lots of interesting tidbits on board games, geek culture and the folks who live the life of a gamer.  He has also done something, somewhere to incur the wrath of the Universe’s big, random number generator.  In his own words:

Dice Hate Me is more than just a title to the site, though – it’s a gaming lifestyle. You see, I have really bad dice karma. I’m pretty lucky in life, but hand me a pair of dice in a game and I’m dead meat. I’m the guy that always lands on Boardwalk when somebody owns it. I’m the guy that never gets a Yahtzee. Yeah, I’m the guy that avoids the craps table in Vegas as if it were a minor demon. Still, even though dice hate me, I love them. The little bastards.

So give Chris a little love and stop by the site if you at all enjoy board games, the gaming industry and spiteful dice.

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