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Super Genius Games have given us an 8 page document that can really give that needed bit of extra life to your Pathfinder encounters, the Genius Guide to Simple Monster Templates.

Even with two Beastiaries published,  encounters can still get a bit stale – especially after all of your players have read through both of the books and won’t really be surprised by anything you throw at them.  Enter the monster template.

Here we have 6 new simple monster templates designed to increase a monster’s CR by anywhere from 1 to 5, and give your players a bit of a surprise.

The Diamond template, in which the monster is made out of living diamond, adds a decent natural AR and some hit points, as well as a new natural weapon.

The Eternal template effectively create an immortal monster – one that cannot be killed, even if disintegrated, or turned in to a type of undead.  Along with this comes the caveat that this template is more to facilitate roleplaying opportunities and that Eternal creatures should be limited in some other ways – otherwise you’d have an extremely powerful foe, one that literally cannot be overcome.

The Ghul is a fairly powerful undead template offering a few new abilities for any creature that becomes one, including the mimicry of life and a new breath weapon.l

A Mighty creature is one who is, well, mighty strong.  Giving the highest CR boost to a creature, they gain a large number of hit points, bonuses to dodge and AC, significant damage resistance and immunities.  I must admit, my first thought was to create a race of Mighty Goblins, just to throw them at a mid-level party and watch the fun ensue.

The Missing template is my personal favorite.  A Missing creature is one with innate displacement and invisibility abilities. This makes them harder to hit and much more likely to skulk around.  Of course, the template they created was one for a Missing Lynx.

The last of the new templates is the Two Headed creature – a fairly simple template to apply with some interesting results, including a double bit, improved multiple attacks and if the creature already has an attack based around their head (such as a breath weapon) more options for using it.

In all, this is a handy document to have and can easily add some interesting changes to creatures which will make for some unexpected encounters.  Retailing at $2.99, I give it 4 our of 5 stars.

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