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It looks like I’ll have all of the artwork for Mirkmoot in hand by the end of this weekend. Then it’s off to the layout artists and up on to DriveThruRPG (and over to those of you who are getting the PDFs of course)!

I’ve included an exclusive preview of our Mirkmoot artist Tim Reardon’s work in here. He is really an amazing artist and I’m very much looking forward to Mirkmoot getting finished and out in the world.

Speaking of amazing artists, some time back when I was starting this project, one of my stated purposes was to give new and upcoming artists who were interested in getting in to the RPG business a change to do just that.

The next document for Aruneus that I’m working on will feature just such an artist. The Herbology will feature a number of magical plants found in various regions of Aruneus. Some beneficial, some a bit sinister.

All of these plants have been illustrated in watercolor by a Hayley Ehrenfeld. Hayley is, in her own words “an 8th grader. I love drawing and painting especially ink and watercolor. I’m interested in botany and unusual plants.” You can see a preview of Hayley’s art here as well!

I hope to have both Mirkmoot and the Herbology out before the end of the year, with two new character classes following shortly after them!  The Supplicant and Quantamancer classes are being worked up along with the Herbology.  The text for Mirkmoot has been completed.

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