Nov 082010

Hey!  It’s Tracy’s birthday!  Tracy has been serving as an Editor here on TC for a bit now, and I think he deserves a happy birthday!

I’d like to send him to a few conventions to celebrate, but he seems to have attended them all.  So, to celebrate, the World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies is free!  That’s right, this bad boy won’t cost you a single one of those ninety nine cents it would normally cost you.  Consider it an excuse to get that single song from iTunes you’ve been lusting after, all thanks to Tracy being born today.  It will remain free until some point tomorrow evening, when DriveThruRPG decides it is no longer going to give it away, so take advantage while you can and be sure to wish Tracy a  happy birthday!

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  One Response to “It’s Tracy’s birthday today! Instead of cake, have some free zombies for your Pathfinder game!”

  1. Well, holy crap. Thanks, Ben! And everyone, enjoy your zombies.

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