Nov 152010

Today we have a guest post from Brett Pisinski, of Cinema6 fame detailing the cool goings on of C6’s Azamar.

Only Two Weeks Remaining!

Please Pledge TODAY!

AZAMAR, our High-Magic, original fantasy epic is back up on Kickstarter. Things are proceeding as planned as we push forward, towards our December deadline. We’ve enlisted the talent of Khairul Hisham and Nikki O’Shea for our interior artwork and have hiredTyler Walpole to illustrate the cover art.

As our first expansion off of the Cinema6 RPGFramework, we are both really excited to see Azamar released to the public. It will be available in three formats: PDF, a soft cover version and a limited edition hard cover run.

In the meantime, please browse our Kickstartersite and PLEDGE! Any money will help us getWicked North Games off the ground!

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