Nov 102010

I’ve been looking at the current crop of movies released recently and comparing my swelling amazement at trailers versus my deflating disappointment with seeing the actual film.  Often, I look at these movies and I can’t help but see the many, many plot killing flaws, mistakes of continuity and far, far worse – playing towards an audience that is perceived as dumb.  We’re not dumb, the majority of us.

When I look at spending $30 for a night at the movies with my wife, and this takes in to account that we have to smuggle snacks in to the theater, it makes me a bit ill.  I’ll be in for 1.5 to 2.5 hours of questionable fun, sticky shoes, idiots doing things on cell phones and overly loud speakers and out thirty bucks.  Then I think of buying say the PDF of Leverage for $20 and enjoying as many hours of play as I can put in to it – well, RPGs are turning out to be a much better investment than movies.

Five reasons RPGs are better than movies

  1. When you scream “Don’t go in to that dark, forbidding basement alone you boob!”, the  person you’re screaming at is sitting a mere 3 feet from you, and probably won’t go in to that dark, forbidding basement alone.
  2. You are almost guaranteed to have more Monty Python in your game than in any current movie you’re watching, no matter what the genre of either is.
  3. You can utter the words “It’s a trap!”  in your game as often as you like without owing money to anyone.
  4. Smart people play dumb characters, rather than the other way around.
  5. People who are too frightened to watch Paranormal Activity 2 will cheerily drive their characters to insanity while encountering creatures from the dark beyond.  Alternatly, those who don’t like gore in movies will wade through gallons of the stuff it it’s leaking out of goblins, orcs or zombies in-game.

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  2. Regarding #5: Absolutely. Totally. Completely True. It’s like you’re spying on me ;-) LOL Especially Zombies. W00T Aruneus!

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