Oct 042010

A hearty congratulations to Dan (thebitterfrost@) who’s one both a hard copy and a PDF of Rite Publishing’s Book of Monster Templates!  Jim (morlockhq@) has one the 2nd place prize, a free PDF and 50% off the physical book.  Robert (gygax47@) is the runner up with 50% off of both.

Thanks to everyone for entering, and of course a big thanks to Rite Publishing for providing copies of the Book of Monster Templates!  Everyone who’s entered has qualified for a discount on it.  I’m getting your contact information over to the folks at Rite Publishing today.


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  5 Responses to “We have our winners in the Monster Templates contest!”

  1. All right! I won! Many thanks to Troll in the Corner and Rite Publishing.

  2. Woo! As a Dungeoneering Dad myself, I congratulate you!

    I’ve already sent your email over to Steve at Rite Publishing. You can expect to hear from him soon.


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  4. Congratulations! And thanks for linking your site, I need to check that out.

  5. Any idea when the hard copy might show up?

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