Oct 192010

Congratulations to Judith, of Oregon!  The random numbers have favored you today and you’ve won!  I’ve already sent an email off to you letting you know.

We had 198 people who emailed in for the contest with a total of 1472 entries. Each entry was assigned to a contestant in the order I received their emails.

The winner was chosen by a random number generator (thanks random.org) which chose one number between 1 and 1472.

Just over 65% of the entries were from the US, with the next biggest block being Canada, and then the UK, with Australia being a close 4th.

Through our international contests, we’ve sent one give away to Sweden, several to Canada and this is the second give away to go to someone in the USA.

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  2. GASP! We won! Thank you so much. My step son is thrilled. He’s 10 and wants to be a dungeon master so this is GREAT!

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