Oct 272010

Via Reddit.com/r/rpg, I just discovered a great new gamer web series called Metagame, that focuses on the out of character comedy that transpires at a typical game table, with little dips into character done in some fun, cheesy cartoons.

Their first episode, below, is the best place to start.  Though it’s only picking up in the latest episodes, these short little tabletop humor vignettes actually do seem to link up to an ongoing story, so make sure to watch them all and watch them in order by visiting their channel HERE.

Anyone who has been behind the DM Screen knows that last shot so well.

The Metagame Group

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  1. Chello!

    Thanks for sharing1 That’s an awesome series!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! That’s an awesome series!

  3. Thanks for posting our show! :)

  4. You’re both certainly welcome.

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