Sep 272010

The fine folks at Gamer’s Haven had provided us with a nice forum which was just getting started when disaster struck.  Luckily they un-struck the disaster, and the forums have returned!  I’d love for you to come and join us there!  To start things off I may have a little am giving away three bundles of Pathfinder PDFs! private, forum only contest giving away a few Pathfinder PDFs I have handy, starting oh… in the next few minutes and ending on Wednesday.

Please do stop in and have your say!  It’s a way to engage us TC authors on a bit of a more personal level.  As I said, I’ll be handing a few of these out too!

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I'm a geek. A nerd, a dweeb, whatever. Yes I owned garb, yes I still own medieval weaponry. And yeah, I could kick your butt in Mechwarrior the CCG. I love video games, role playing games, tactical board games and all forms of speculative fiction. I will never berate someone for wanting to be a Jedi and take everything Gary Gygax ever wrote as gospel. Well, all of this but that last bit.

  3 Responses to “Our forums return! Come to them and chat about all things gaming.”

  1. They are looking pretty good now! If you’ve tried them before, definitely give them another chance now.

  2. I just registered. Lets get this party started.

  3. Nice! See you there.

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