Great, free online character/NPC creator for Pathfinder

Looking for a quick, easy way to generate your next Pathfinder character or NPC?  Look no further.  The 3.75 Pathfinder RPG Character Creator can do this for you.  It’s pretty well customizable, prints out a nice looking character sheet and in generally is useful as all get out. It’s even got some neat little effects when you’re creating your character.  It’s still in Beta, but it’s quite quick, full of options and nice and clean.

You can add lots of custom values as well, which means I can use this to generate Aruneus Orcs for my campaign.

To test it out, I generated a quick fighter named Mr. Test.  Here’s the 1st (of two) pages of the character sheet.  This took me 7 minutes.  Click Mr. Test to make him larger.

Not bad at all.  Now go make me some Orcs!

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