Sep 242010

I am very pleased to announce that we have a new artist joining our talented ranks for the Aruneus Project!  Tim Reardon will be contributing original artwork, featuring among other things, zombies!

Tim is a very talented artist, working in mediums ranging from pencil and napkin through digital painting and CGI.  He’s got a ton of experience doing things like digital animation for some pretty well known projects. He also happens to be a great friend of mine since childhood and I’m very excited that he’s contributing!  I’m so happy that I want to share a preview of his work with all of you, even though it means divulging a bit more about Aruneus than I had planned at this time.

Now that’s not just any ordinary Contagion Infected Zombie there.  I can’t give out specifics yet, but as the World of Aruneus gets further into development there will be some new nasty undead types to mess about with and this fellow is one of them.  Something more suitable for mid level characters to square off against.

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